Free download oppurtunity for "We're not alone" finished at June 30 23:59 JPN, after 1 year since the download started at July 1, 2011. This song was produced by AA=AiD with collaboration of 8 guest musicians.
We hope that this song has reached to a lot of people all over and the song to be their support.Thank you very much.

A message from TAKESHI UEDA

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30 June
Free download for "We're not alone" finished at June 30 JPN.
19 June
Free download for "We're not alone" will finish at June 30 JPN.
23 March
From Iwaki, Fukushima
04 August
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AA= AiD "We're not alone"
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To the future!  We're not alone!!!

What is AA= AiD?

AA= AiD is a project led by Takeshi Ueda to support the reconstruction of the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake and tsunami affected areas with the cooperation of musicians, music production companies, creators of various genres and record companies. We hope to promote as many music fans as possible to think and act to support the reconstruction of the disaster by introducing our reconstruction support song, "We're not alone" which can be downloaded on this site for free.

Takeshi Ueda's Profile

Takeshi Ueda - Vocal, Bass, Programming, Produce
Formed THE MAD CAPSULE MARKET'S in 1990 and released masterpieces including 19 singles and 9 albums before they disbanded in 2006. These singles and albums have been released in the US, UK, Europe as well as Asia. They have also toured many foreign countries and performed at some big events such as Kerrang Fest! as a headliner and played at the main stage for the first time as a Japanese band at OzzFest. They have fascinated fans around the world for 15 years.

Takeshi started AA= as his solo project in 2008. He took the name from the line "All Animals Are Equal" from the novel "Animal Farm" written by the English author, George Orwell. Released the first single "PEACE!!!" in October, 2008 followed by 2 albums and 1 DVD. He has also produced recordings for other artists. He is socially-aware and donated a part of the profits from his last two albums sales to the environmental organization WWF. He made and sold charity T-shirts, and donated its full proceeds to the victims of Tohoku Earthquake that occurred in March, 2011. He also formed a reconstruction support project, AA= AiD and made "We're not alone" with several musicians.


Member of the AA=AiD

AA= AiD are

  • avex management inc.
  • avex live creative inc.
  • C&S Design
  • Flying High Co.,Ltd.
  • gil soundworks / GRIP CO.,LTD.
  • INNOVATOR inc.
  • Junichi Yajima(Instruments Technician)
  • Kei Kusama from Fukushima(Kurid International / Synth Programmer)
  • Koni-Young(Kurid International / Recording & Mixing Engineer)
  • kukuru inc.
  • Maki Tsuzuki
  • Meuniere Nakamura(Video Director)
  • PARADOX Inc.

and You !!

Special Thanks to
DIWPHALANX RECORDS, Dynamord Label, Ki/oon Records, Machine Records, MOB SQUAD, tearbridge records, VAP Inc.

Akihiro Namba (Hi-STANDARD) appears by the courtesy of tearbridge records / AVEX ENTERTAINMENT INC.
Hayashi (POLYSICS) appears by the courtesy of Ki/oon Records Inc.
K (Pay money To my Pain), Masato (coldrain) appears by the courtesy of VAP Inc.


AA= AiD is calling out for supports to the music fans by introducing groups related to rehabilitating supports. Please check out the introduced groups' web sites and start your support by relating your hearts.
*We've opened "AA= AiD supporting bank account" to gather donations for supports. Please be noticed that donations from abroad will cost you transfer fees.


Cooperation groups

AA= AiD emphasizes the "face-to-face AiD" arising through human connection. We will collaborate with not only the international reconstruction support groups, but also the groups which operate in the disaster-affected areas.

We also believe that passing on information is one of our major themes for our activities. In that context, we will keep adding and updating the reconstruction support groups which we cooperate with.

Japanese Red Cross Society

Japanese Red Cross Society is a Japanese affiliate of the International Red Cross.

WWF Japan *Japanese only

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is one of the world's largest conservation NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization).

Save the Children Japan *Japanese only

Save the Children Japan is an internationally active NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that enforces children's rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries.

Fukushima Prefecture Iwaki City Local Revitalization Project [MUSUBU] *Japanese only

MUSUBU is a project headed up by a former staff of Speedstar Records, a record label which will release AA= albums. It is formed by natives of Onahama, Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture and it invents the creative industry connecting all kinds of fields such as people, regions, arts, designs and information.

Arigato Blueprint

Arigato Blueprint is a reconstruction supporting website which transmits information from overseas. It is headed up by a former producer of Palm Pictures, a record label which released The Mad Capsule Markets albums and organized their concert tours in the United States.

Please understand that you may be asked to pay transfer fee or exchange rate.


Message from AA=AiD

What could we do at this very moment?

Confronting an unbelievable fear and the biggest tragedy ever, a lot of people all over Japan had looked for the answer to this question.

We cannot go against the power of nature. Also, we could not control the unknown energy. Nevertheless, we felt that we want to help us each other and gather our power to go up.

AA= AiD was organized by my friends, musicians and artists who felt sympathy to the concept of the project.
We have introduced some of the cooperative groups. Also, we opened a bank account for people who wants to cooperate to the AiD but cannot figure out their way.

We are aware that our way of supporting is not the only way. There are many other ways to show your support, and of course donation is not the only way as well.

There must be a lot to do for us.

I wish that all of us will do what we can do at this very moment and move forward to the future.

Takeshi Ueda

I know that the road ahead is long, and it's not a very good occasion to release a new song, but I want to keep spreading this song not to let it fade away. Let's go together.

Takayoshi Shirakawa

I am very grateful to Takeshi for inviting me to AA= AiD at the time I was looking for what I could do at that moment. I am very happy to be able to do something. Let's believe in the power of music, and move forward.

Minoru Kojima

We're not alone.

Nobuaki Kaneko

I am very proud to be able to part of AA= AiD. When I had a call from Takeshi, I was recording my songs which I deeply sang my soul of support and rehabilitation. As a same musician, I felt sympathy to Takeshi, and also I strongly felt that I'm not alone. Listening to "We're not alone" makes me feel that I can overcome the long way of rehabilitation with everyone.

Akihiro Namba (Hi-STANDARD)

Thank you Takeshi for inviting me to AA= AiD! I decided to be a part of this project right away, because the band is going to do whatever is possible at each very moment! I wish that a lot of people will listen to this song and become happy!

Hayashi (POLYSICS)

Takeshi invited me to the project at the time I was thinking of what I could do. We made charity T-shirts, and I became a part of this project. I wish that this song will become an opportunity for many of us to think of what we could do, and move forward.


I am K, the vocal of the band called "Pay money To my Pain".
I wish from bottom of my heart that this song relates to a faster rehabilitation, and also that the song to make people happier. Let's go on.

K(Pay money To my Pain)

Although this song cannot be your blanket, or a roof to keep out of rain, we play this song because we believe that this song must move the listeners to action and shoot through something. That's why I sing this song…

Kj(Dragon Ash)

I think that a lot of people will continue their support. I am also thinking to continue the support as a human being and as a singer. Let's build up a stronger Japan!
We stand as one against all walls!


Thanks to Takeshi for inviting me to the project, I wanted to be the power to help out, and decided to be a part of the project. I wish that this song reaches to a lot of people and becomes a big power to them.

Shinichi Ubukata(Nothing's Carved In Stone)

"Let's get together as one on this very occasion.!
I was able to catch the message when I heard the demo from Takeshi. The song casts a strong ray of light, and also the song itself is very pop. I wish the song becomes the power to the people of the struck area.