Premium Acoustic Live “TWO OF US” Tour 2023 at EX THEATER ROPPONGI

DVD-Video / VIBL-1128~9
COLOR / NTSC/ 画面サイズ:16:9/LB/ リージョンコントロール:2 / LPCM / ステレオ / オリジナル

アコースティックホールツアー「Premium Acoustic Live "TWO OF US" Tour 2023」の東京EX THEATER ROPPONGI公演の模様を映像化


  1. Life goes on

  2. I saw you in the rainbow

  3. Hit the road

  4. Feel my desire

  5. It's ok, I'm alright

  6. Take it easy

  7. Swingin’

  8. Waltz

  9. 裸の王様

  10. Place of love

  11. Neverland

  12. Last smile

  13. Shadow behind

  14. Your song

  15. Lady Madonna ~憂鬱なるスパイダー~

  16. All the best to you

  17. Rain parade

  18. A revolution

  19. Sad story


  1. Everybody needs somebody

  2. Favorite moment

  3. It’s not too late

  4. You ate it

  5. Life goes on

  6. Lady Madonna ~憂鬱なるスパイダー~

  7. “O”

M1. Life goes on
M2. I saw you in the rainbow
M3. Hit the road
M4. Feel my desire
M5. It's Ok, I'm Alright
M6. Take it easy
M7. Swingin’
M8. Waltz
M9 . 裸の王様
M10. Place of love
M11. Neverland
M12. Last Smile
M13. Shadow behind
M14. Your Song
M15. Lady madonnna ~憂鬱なるスパイダー~
M16. All the best to you
M17. Rain parade
M18. A revolution
M19. Sad story

<Bonus Tracks>特典映像:Live House Tour "LIVE PSYCHEDELICO" 2023 at LIQUIDROOM
M1. Everybody needs somebody
M2. Favorite moment
M3. It’s not too late
M4. You ate it
M5. Life goes on
M6. Lady madonnna ~憂鬱なるスパイダー~
M7. "O"

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