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UA: vocal
浅井健一: guitar, vocal
TOKIE: bass
椎野恭一: drums

2000年、BLANKEY JET CITYを解散した直後の浅井健一とUAが中心に結成。RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2000 in EZOに初登場し、アルバム「深緑」をはじめ、シングル3枚、ライブツアー「2001年AJICOの旅」の模様を収めたアルバムとビデオをリリース。鮮烈な印象を残しつつ、2001年3月20日に行った赤坂BLITZでのライブをもって活動休止。2021年、再始動。

UA: vocal
Kenichi Asai: guitar, vocal
TOKIE: bass
Kyoichi Shiino: drums

Formed mainly by Kenichi Asai and UA in 2000, right after the breakup of BLANKEY JET CITY. They appeared on stage for the first time at Rising Sun Rock Festival 2000 in EZO. They have released the album "Fukamidori", three singles, and an album and video of their live tour. Despite leaving a strong impression, the band went on hiatus after their live performance at Akasaka BLITZ on March 20, 2001. Restart in 2021.

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