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4s4ki (読み:アサキ)
2021年4月にビクター/スピードスターレコーズからのメジャーデビュー。海外から客演を迎えたデビューシングルを4月から3ヶ月連続で配信リリースし、同年7月にはデビューアルバム『Castle in Madness』をリリース。同年8月には日本最大級の野外フェス「FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’21」への出演を果たし、12月にはEPリリースと共に初の東名阪ツアー“HYPER NEW-PUNK LAND”を開催し各地チケット即完。2022年8月にはアルバム『Killer in Neverland』をリリースし、作品を携えZepp DiverCity公演を含む自身最大規模の全国ツアーを開催。さらには同年12月には国内最大の年末フェス「COUNTDOWN JAPAN 22/23」への出演を果たす。また、世界最大の音楽メディア“Pitchfork media”でアルバムが評価されてインタビュー特集展開が組まれ、同サイトの年末企画「The 100 Best Songs of 2022」に「Punish」がランクインするなど、世界を股にかけて注目を集めている女性アーティストの一人である。

"4s4ki (pronounced ASAKI)" is a new generation artist who is introducing new alternative pop music from Tokyo to the world. She is capable of writing, composing, and arranging music, as well as making tracks using DTM, and playing the piano on her own. Her lyrics, which could be called a "record of self-love," spinning anguish, sorrow, and joy in words that are sometimes raw and realistic, are gaining sympathy mainly from people in their teens and twenties. The song has attracted a lot of attention from overseas, and has been selected as one of the official overseas official playlists on streaming services.
In April 2021, she made her major label debut on Victor/Speedstar Records. She released her major debut album "Castle in Madness" in July of the same year. In August of the same year, she performed at one of Japan's largest outdoor festivals, "FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'21" and in December, along with the release of her EP, she held their first tour "HYPER NEW-PUNK LAND" in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. In August 2022, she released the album "Killer in Neverland" and went on her biggest national tour with the album. As an extra show, she performed at Zepp DiverCity. Pitchfork media, the world's largest music media outlet, featured a special interview with her in recognition of the album. In addition, her song “Punish” was ranked in "The 100 Best Songs of 2022," a year-end project of Pitchfork media, and she is one of the female artists attracting worldwide attention.

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