アルバム「LOOP LOOP LOOP」:輝&輝(KIKI)による全曲解説

アルバム「LOOP LOOP LOOP」:輝&輝(KIKI)による全曲解説


01.彩生 /作曲:輝&輝(KIKI) 編曲:山田淳平



Tsugaru shamisen which produces various timbres from one instrument. Expressing the charm of the Tsugaru shamisen rich in colors,such as powerful sounds, gentle sounds, fine grain sounds, massive and thick sounds.It was very magnificent with band sound arrangements. We’d be happy if the excited feelings spread among you when playing this CD.


02.Volcano /作曲:輝&輝(KIKI) 編曲:伊藤辰哉



From the meaning of the word “Volcano”, it can mean a feeling of strained to the breakingpoint.This song represents emotions that are unlikely to explode like that. It was joy, sometimes anger, sorrow. We are playing hotly within a latin rhythm!


03.道化 /作曲:輝&輝(KIKI) 編曲:伊藤辰哉



It is a song that made the theme of Osamu Dazai's “No Longer Human” .The main character of this novel always plays a trendy figure but can not trust others and drowns in alcohol and medicine. I hope you feel the darkness behind such a clown.Because the folk song “Shinonome-Bushi”comes in this novel, I tried to put that phrase into this song.


04.螺旋 /作曲:輝&輝(KIKI) 編曲:伊藤辰哉



Song inspired by Irish music. Both Irish music and Japanese folk songs are handed down by the word of mouth, and they also seem to be very similar that the performance changes by the community and the player.Moreover, the style which was played on the streets and pubs linked with the life overlapped with the folk songs sung in the banquet and the style of KADOZUKE Performing,I thought about Irish music and made this song. This time, it has become a classical arrangement with violin, viola, cello and piano. In the repeated melody, with the image that Irish culture and Japanese culture mix together like drawing a spiral.


05.津軽じょんがら節 掛け合い /民謡 編曲:輝&輝(KIKI)


05.Tsugaru Jongara Bushi Session

It is not an exaggeration to say that this song is the representative song of Tsugaru Shamisen. In this album, we played the ensemble of two, each solo, and at the end in disarrangement 乱れ弾き(like a jam session)by the two of us. All except for the ensemble part was ad lib and made a record in the same room. Same performance can never be done again so please enjoy the live feeling of this album!


06.Gradation /作曲:輝&輝(KIKI) 編曲:伊藤辰哉



You will be at a crossroad several times in your life. For us, that was to make a decision to become a professional Tsugaru shamisen player. Despite my dreams and longing, I was more anxious than expected and not able to take a step. However, as I am suffering in various ways, I came to think”Even if the result is not right now, grow while gradually changing color as you continue, let's move forward” It was this song that I was able to memorize the feelings of that time.

"Gradation: Slowly moving"

What color are we now?


07.Funny Street /作曲:輝&輝(KIKI) 編曲:伊藤辰哉

みんなが思わず笑顔になっちゃうような曲を作りたいと思いできた曲です。車の中で、電車の中で、お散歩中に…色々な場面でこのFunny streetをお供にしていただけたら嬉しいです。激しい印象の強い津軽三味線の、新たな一面をお楽しみください!

07.Funny Street

It was a song that I thought, I wanted to make a song that makes everyone smile unexpectedly. While in the car, on the train, on a walk ... I would be happy if you accompany this Funny street in various situations. Please enjoy a new side of the Tsugaru shamisen with an impression of "intense".


08.Axel /作曲:輝&輝(KIKI) 編曲:山田淳平



“Accell” is the musical definition of accel (accelerando) = gradually faster, or car accelerator, but when writing it as “Axel” is about the accelerator jump of figure skating. The feature of accelerator jump is to step forward. I always get chill in the facial expression "Go!" at the moment of accelerator jump. I watch it with the feeling like sink or swim, but behind that there is solid confidence that comes from efforts. We are playing with such a feeling that we want to fly higher, not only momentum but also confidently!


09.New Beginnings /作曲:輝&輝(KIKI) 編曲:山田淳平


09.New beginnings

When you start a new thing, there is both hopes and fears. After deciding to start, it is often confusing that both of them simultaneously stay in your heart. Nevertheless, time waits for no one.

You have to proceed anyway. In such a case, why don't you clap your hand and dance with this song? Anxious feelings turned intofun, and when you noticed something new may have …begun?


10.また明日 /作曲:輝&輝(KIKI) 編曲:伊藤辰哉


10.Mata Ashita

At the end of the day, breathe a sigh of relief while thinking of tired and things that were fun.Like looking forward to the next day by seeing beautiful sunset. I wish it to be such a song. I am playing moistly with a simple organization composed of 2 shamisen and keyboard harmonica.


【Bonus track】

11.UFO /作詞:阿久悠 作曲:都倉俊一 編曲:輝&輝(KIKI)



Because KIKI is a female duo, we covered UFO of national female duounit “PINK LADY”. The song which everyone knows, I finished it to arrange as lively.


津軽三味線女性デュオ 輝&輝(KIKI)

メジャー1st Album「LOOP LOOP LOOP」

価格3,000円+税 VICL-65161



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