K2HD Mastering is a high-dimension mastering system integrating the sound and music creation skills of mastering engineers honed through sensitivity and experience with K2HD technology.

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K2HD technology works with two ways.
It is possible to expand digital data from low-grade formats (32kHz) up to high-grade formats with a maximum of 192kHz/24 bits with K2HD processing.
For example, when a CD master is produced from an analog master tape, everything above 20kHz is cut during CD formatting. K2HD processing reproduces the lost high-frequency components almost the same as the analog master.
It is also possible to create music that is only available on CD masters (44.1kHz/16 bits) in high-resolution (192kHz/24 bits, 96kHz/24 bits, etc.) to get the best possible use of the effects of existing music.
K2HD PROCESSING 各音楽信号のスペクトラム
K2HD coding enables digital data containing high-grade formatted music data up to a maximum of 192kHz/24 bits to be stored in low-grade formats with a minimum of 44.1kHz/16 bits.
For example, there is no problem expressing music with resolution of up to 192kHz/24-bit spec even on existing CDs.
To date, more than 1,000 CDs produced with the K2HD coding technology have been released mainly by Victor Entertainment predominantly in Asia, but also in other overseas nations, and have been highly acclaimed.