net K2 Technology Applied For Compressed Audio and Music Distribution.
net K2 contains two areas known as pre-processing and post-processing.
netK2 高音質化音楽配信技術 netK2と高音質化
K2 Pre処理
Optimal levels of pre-processing that are aligned to each individual type of compression format(AAC, ATRAC3, WMA and MP3, etc.) are implemented previous to compression encoding from the original music source.
Pre-processing decompressed music sources enables the music data to be returned to a state that is close to the original prior to compression to produce high-quality sound despite the music source being compressed. The effects of pre-processed music can also be obtained from any playback equipment.
Pre-processing covers nearly all of the distributed music files sold by Victor Entertainment, certain cellular phone manufacturers' music distribution services and certain TBS radio broadcasts, etc.
K2 Prost処理
K2 post-processing technology is implemented for hardware. It plays back compressed music sources to create high-quality sound. Executing the K2 post-processing enables music data to be reproduced at levels that are close to the original sound prior to compression.
K2 post-processing brings out the best effect in all compressed music files in a wide range of formats. In addition, the effects of this are even more pronounced for compressed music file that has been K2 pre-processed, creating high-quality sound.
K2 Post-processing is implemented for KDDI's cellular phone.